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Oxygen Service

Krytox™ Oxygen Service Lubricants


Krytox™ 1514 and Krytox™ 1525 are highly engineered PFPE-based oils for use in vacuum pump systems where traditional lubricants cause safety, waste disposal and/or maintenance concerns. Krytox™ 1514 delivers exceptional performance with non-flammable and non-reactive chemistry for chemical & oxygen service applications.

Krytox™ 1514 and Krytox™ 1525 are NSF H-1 Food Grade Certified for use in sensitive processing operations. Krytox™ 1514 Oil has a viscosity of 32 cSt @50°C and is distilled for lower to medium temperature operating range.


Krytox™ 1514 is NSF H-1 Rated for incidental food contact

Krytox™ 1525 is NSF H-1 Rated for incidental food contact

Krytox™ NRT is BAM rated

Krytox™ 280 greases

Krytox™ 250 EP

Krytox™ 143 series

  • Krytox 240AC
  • Krytox 250AD

Krytox Aerospace

Since the first commercial application over 50 years ago, Krytox Aviation synthetic lubricants have delivered consistent, superior, extended performance. Today, with new additives for new challenges, Krytox™ lubricants continue to deliver extreme performance under extreme conditions. Krytox Aviation is the lubricant of choice for demanding conditions —high and low temperatures, extreme pressure, and harsh environments.

  • Krytox 250AD grease provides long-life, high-temperature lubrication for aircraft fuel pumps, as well as helicopter hydraulic pump splines, to help prevent fretting corrosion and provide extended service life.
  • Krytox 240AC grease has been used to extend the service life of UAV nose landing gear in harsh climates.
  • Krytox aviation greases are used in a variety of limited-motion mount systems associated with aircraft engines, such as an oil tank mount bracket for a Trent 1000 engine.
  • Krytox AGL 683 grease provides filled-for-life performance for aircraft climate-control and nitrogen gas system valve actuator gearboxes.
  • Krytox AGL 829 grease provides filled-for-life, flameproof performance for thrust reverser gearboxes.
  • Krytox 240AC grease is compatible and non-reactive with a broad range of O-ring materials, allowing for extended service life and ease of assembly/disassembly. In addition, many Krytox™ lubricants specially designed for aviation applications are covered by MIL-Spec PRF-26717 and NSF H-1, approved for incidental food contact.
  • Krytox 240AC grease is used in a wide variety of airframe applications, from engine mounts to fighter canopy slide rollers to aircraft seat adjuster mechanisms.
  • Krytox lubricants can be used to improve the performance of traditionally non-lubricated materials, such as DuPont™ Vespel® CR-6100 bushings.y