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Krytox™ – Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions for the Aerospace and Aviation Industries

Krytox™ lubricants were initially developed by DuPont in the early 1960s specifically for the precise and demanding lubrication needs of the aerospace industry. Krytox™ synthetic lubricants have since replaced hundreds of special-formula, hydrocarbon-based oils and greases throughout the aerospace and aviation industries, thanks to a long list of superior performance characteristics and certifications. Examples of possible solution are Krytox™ 250AD grease provides long-life, high temperature lubrication for aircraft fuel pumps, as well as helicopter hydraulic pump splines, to help prevent fretting corrosion and provide extended service life – or –  Krytox™ AGL 683 grease provides filled-for-life performance for aircraft climate-control and nitrogen gas system valve actuator gearboxes.

Krytox™ perfluoropolyether- (PFPE-) based oils and greases provide a remarkable list of properties for aerospace applications, including:

  • Unaffected lubricity and viscosity within a wide temperature range: -70 °C to 399 °C (-100°F  to 750 °F)
  • Stable physical properties over time – Krytox™ lubricants are virtually unaffected by harsh environments like shock, vibration, heat, pressure and caustic chemicals such as rocket fuels and oxidizers, as well as being radiation resistant
  • Resistance to vapor loss in a vacuum, such as during high altitude, orbit or deep space flight
  • Excellent friction-reduction characteristics provide long wear and low energy consumption
  • Compatible for use with most metals, elastomers, plastics, paints and finishes
  • Nontoxic, non-flammable, inert and non-evaporative
  • Krytox™ 240AB and 240AC greases are NSF H1-certified for incidental food contact in food processing areas, such as commercial airline galleys
  • World-class technical consultation tailored to the needs of the aerospace community

Krytox™ aerospace greases are available in grades conforming to/applicable under:

  • MIL PRF-27617
  • CAGE Code No. 50JY2 (manufacturing)
  • CAGE Code No. 43S57 (business)
  • FSN, NSN #9150-01-008-0498
  • NATO #G-398

In certain applications such as fan motors, Krytox™ grease can even provide Lubed-For-Life performance, eliminating the potential for failure due to lubrication over the lifetime of the part.  This means there is a no longer a need for re-lubrication, which increases the time between servicing as well as decreasing downtime and overall costs.  Application include:

  • Bearings – all types, including high-speed bearings, synchronous motor bearings in gyroscopes, thrust & vector control bearings
  • Seals – valves and pumps
  • Lubricants for space suits
  • O-rings – sealants, lubricants
  • Oxygen breathing systems for vehicle and space suit valve and pump packing seals, mechanical seals and connectors
  • Rocket engine assemblies:  liquid-fueled turbines, gimbals, pumps, reduction gears, valves with fuel/oxidizer exposure, threaded fasteners and metal connectors
  • Valve and thread lubricant for aggressive systems
  • Wing flap actuator
  • Traction motors on lunar rover
  • Assembly fluid and mobile magnetic barrier fluid to separate oil and water


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